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  • Thanks alot

    Thanks alot

    We have been working with Alpha Oceans for over two years. And it’s really amazing to deal directly with such great people! The quality and consistency of the products they send to us is unparalleled and the service is friendly and professional. The amount of care Alpha Oceans puts in to every single fish they catch really shines through and sets them miles apart from their competition. Thanks guys. I love the service




    Marry Anne
  • I am Grateful guys

    I am Grateful guys

    Buying fresh Australian Flathead perch from Sea to Shore Seafood is an annual event for us and our friends. Each year when it’s Flathead perch season, and our package of delicious fillets shows up on our doorstep and we all gather to divide orders. It’s great, we typically order a few hundred pounds and share with 4 or 5 other families. Then the freezer is stocked for the year with the best, freshest Flathead perch you can buy.




  • Thanks so Much Alpha Oceans

    Thanks so Much Alpha Oceans

    Our Crew was delighted by our Sashimi Grade Fish. Apha Oceans was flexible about scheduling deliveries that worked well for us, and the quality and packaging of the fish was excellent. Highly recommended for a workplace program! Last summer we purchased the 10lb box option and we looked forward to each box. Their sashimi Grade Fish is the only one we know of that doesn’t have added sugar





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Why arowana fish is expensive?
The expensive one are asian arowana. … They are expensive because it’s not easy to breed them and Asia arowana comes in very rare colour variant. So demand for arowana is huge and supply is less. That raises the cost of each arowana fish.arowana fish price,arowana fish tank,silver arowana,arowana lifespan,arowana feeding,arowana care,types of arowana,black arowana.