Our Story About Us

Welcome! It's Alpha Oceans

Alpha Oceans is a major player for online sale of aquarium animals and has built a solid reputation in all over the world for several years. Present in most European countries, our online shop addresses passionate aquarists as well as beginners who are in search for quality animals especial fish at the best price. Thanks to an ultra-performing packaging together with express delivery, our animals travel in optimal conditions all the way to you. We bring your aquarium to life. Contact us if you have any question.

With a permanent stock of rare and uncommon species, Alpha Oceans offers you one of the largest selections of aquarium animals. Marine and freshwater fishes, invertebrates, seahorses, corals and live rock; over 1000 species can be ordered and delivered in most European countries within shortest time possible. We are best and good at our work and second to none. Looking for a special fish? Wondering about compatibility between species or wish for technical advice? The Alpha Oceans team remains at your disposal to better meet your needs. We speak English, Italian, Spanish, German, french. We are truly intentional and have very high concerns for our clients. We also have as our ultimate priority, our client’s choice and satisfaction. See you soon.